Venue Specs

LOAD IN AND SOUNDCHECK: After 6PM everyday except Fridays which is 3-5PM.
Please do not load through the front bar if there is live music. Speak to the bar staff who will open up the back entrance for you to load in.
Soundcheck attendance for shows must be confirmed in advance with the venue booker.

LIVE MUSIC RESTRICTIONS: Live music must be finished at the below times;
Sunday - Thursday 11:30PM
Friday and Saturday 1:00AM

Sound engineer employed by The Bearded Lady. House drum kit available upon request, no additional backline supplied. Performers are encouraged to arrange shared backline.
Technical specifications of all acts are to be communicated to production manager / venue booker at least 1 week prior to performance date.


Stage Measurements: 6m wide x 3m deep
Desk: Behringer X32 Compact (same as an x32 but only 16 inputs)
FOH Speakers: 2 x QSC K12s + 2 matched QSC K Series Subs
2 Front Foldbacks: PreSonus ULT12
1 Drum Fill: PreSonus AIR18n sub + QSC K10 top
Lighting: One Spotlight with dimmer, 4 Colour changeable backlights
DRUM KIT: 4 piece Pearl Forum (Kick, Snare, 1 Floor tom, 1 rack tom), plenty of cymbal stands, 1 snare stand, 1 drum stool.


4 x Sure Beta 58a (vocals)
1 x Audix D5 (vocals)
2 x Sure 57 (amps/instruments)
1 x Sure Beta 52a (kick)
1 x Sure Beta 56a (snare)
2 x Sennheiser e904 (toms)
2 x Carol E-plus 7 (extra toms)
1 x Sennheiser e602ii (bass Amp/horns)

1 x Stereo Radial Passive
1 x Mono Radial Passive
2 x Behringer Stereo Active


Performance Area: roughly 2.5m x 3m
Desk: Soundcraft Ui16
FOH Speakers: 2 x QSC K10"
1 x Piano
(Required foldback can be moved from Back Room)